Sunday, February 17, 2013

He is Wonderful in All His Ways

The Lord is so good at reminding us about who He is. So often we get caught up in circumstances or what we do have or what we don't have. We get hung up on the past and the future instead of focusing on where we are with Him TODAY. Recently I've been on a journey of finding out who Jesus says that I am instead of letting things of the past or ambitions of the future dictate it. No matter what, He is always good! He knows every detail of my life, my ins and outs, how I move and how I think. There is really no one like Him. I am FULLY KNOWN by Him and will be fully known by Him for all eternity! This brings so much freedom! I have absolutely nothing to prove to Him because He knows everything already. I'm also learning how to enjoy the everything. The journey with the Lord, in relationships, in everyday life. That's what He wants from me-to love Him in every little thing. He wants my heart, all of it! This requires me to be vulnerable with Him which is sometimes really scary. Why are we so afraid to let people in? Maybe we think that if we let them all the way in that they will find something they don't like. But that's the risk of it all isn't it? To love someone is to risk everything! The only difference is that when we love the Lord we risk everything, but HIS love never fails! It never falls short and it is always enough! We need to give Jesus enough credit. He did die for us! His love is STRONGER than anything we could ever face!