Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This is a season of NEWNESS for me!!! I just got back from Uganda and youth camp! So I have been gone for a month! God has been so good and has spoken to me about a lot of new things that He is bringing me into!

When I was in Uganda my heart came so alive because I was doing what I was created to do! We spent our days going out into the city of Gulu sharing the gospel. Once we made connections with people we would then meet with them on a consistent basis to disciple them. I met a girl named Miriam who is 22. I got to lead her to the Lord and after that I met with her almost every day to teach her more about Jesus. She was super hungry! I shared with her how to spend time with the Lord on a daily basis, how to share the gospel, about the Father heart of God and the Holy Spirit. By the middle of the trip we were meeting with her and her friend Job, who is 20, to start a small group. We eventually started going to her village so she could invite her neighbors to be a part  of what we called a 'lifegroup'. the vision for lifegroup is acts 2:42-47 where the disciples had all things in common and unity of mind. We would play games, worship together and study the word together! I saw such a transformation in this young woman! She always wanted more!

While we were there we also started an intercession group among the youth at the church (antioch, gulu). We taught them what intercession is and to do it. The group is still meeting and is being led by a couple of the boys among the youth!

We saw healings, salvations and even got to pray for someone to be raised from the dead! While I was there I realized the simplicity of the gospel and how it really works! God has given us AUTHORITY! and we can rest in His work! I saw Him work powerfully in me and through our team while we were there!

I came back and went to youth camp with the youth at our church. God moved so incredibly! Many of the high school girls that I work with recieved freedom and inner healing and a passion for Jesus that they never had before! The Lord even worked in me while I was there!

I am so excited for what God is doing in this season! He is calling me to be focused and attentive to what He is doing. I am learning about STEWARDSHIP and INTENTIONALITY! those are my 2 words for this season. And God won't let me forget that He has filled me up to overflowing and that He will NEVER LEAVE ME DRY! ahhhhh!!!!

I"m in the process of raising a team of people to support me. I am in full time ministry under the youth pastors at my church. (encourager church). I am really focusing on discipleship with my high school girls that I teach. I desire to see them be who they were created to be and for them to realize what they carry inside of them! I will also be working with the youth concerning worship so I am excited for that! As I pour out, He continues to fill me up!!

Be praying for strength and grace! For my ears to be even more opened to hear His voice!!!
Thank you for all of your support!!

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