Tuesday, September 16, 2014

He gives and takes away

Most people don't like hearing this truth about God because they believe that if He is really good, then He wouldn't take away. The Lord and I have been having discussions about this truth for months now and I've come to learn that when He takes it is so that He can give. In a season where it seems like a lot is being taken and changed, I know it is because He has greater things for me to enter in to. Now, that is a good God! Nothing belongs to us. I like to think of it like renting a car. When we rent a car, it is almost like we are more carefree. We feel more free to go more places and do more things because we know that car actually doesn't belong to us. Now don't get me wrong, we are still called to be responsible and good stewards, but we cannot live our lives like anything is ours! We are here today, for a moment, and then gone the next! I would much rather live like I know that is true instead of living with such a tight grip on everything and getting confused the minute God changes something or takes it away. If we know it did not belong to us in the first place, then when He takes it away, it isn't as hard. That's freedom. Freedom to live and to love with everything, with no reservations.

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