Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fleeting Are Our Days..

I keep telling my self I want to get a tattoo saying something something like "all flesh is grass..." because I know every time I were to look down and see it, peace would rise up in me. When I remind myself of the ever sobering truth that all flesh is grass and that our days here on earth are simply fleeting and nothing more than a vapor, it makes me happy. To most people, this reality might make them scared. But for me, it could not make me happier. It's like God left us this promise so that we would never take our earthly life too seriously, because it is here today and gone tomorrow. All we are called to do is to know what God is telling us to do and to do it. We, myself included, get so wrapped up in what we are supposed to do because society said so or family members that we respect tell us to do. But whatever happened to such a great fear for the Lord that we don't care what anyone else says? Where is the confidence in what God is calling us to do? And I'm not just talking about the "big stuff," like the Lord told me to move to Africa. I'm talking about the day in and day out simple acts of obedience...will we listen then despite what other people are doing or saying? The fact that our human bodies are simply the shell we are living in until we reach eternity should motivate us and convict us to live our lives differently. We should give all and expect nothing in return. Let go of any bitterness. Forgive. Move on and keep moving. Never look back. Let go of control. Release your grip on everything you think you are entitled to. Trust God. He holds your world. Jesus never answered to anyone except the Father. He was misunderstood, hated, despised; but to Him it was all worth it if it meant being close to the one who gave Him abundant life. We too should live this way.
I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open
Let Him be the only one that defines you and everything you do. Nothing else matters!

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